About Instructors


Owner, Instructor & Professional Dancer 

Julianne has danced Polynesian styles of dance for most of her life. Growing up on the US East Coast, she started dancing ballet and tap at just three years old and was introduced to Polynesian styles (Hawaiian, Tahitian, Maori) by grade school. Throughout childhood, she danced competitively. She is very grateful to her dance teachers for years of professional dance instruction and inspiring a life-long passion for dance as well as teaching dance. She is also thankful to her family for always supporting her.  

After moving to California as a young adult, she continued to study hula by taking classes and workshops at traditional hula halaus (schools) from a variety of kumu (teachers). During this eye-opening experience, it was discovered that hula is so much more than dance. A few years later, living in the mid-western US and with no opportunity to dance hula, she started Hula Hut.

Julianne shares her love of dance with people of all ages and experience levels who have a desire to learn. In particular, she enjoys connecting with dancers, choreographing and teaching hula auana (modern style hula), costume making, performing and event production. "Our studio is an 'ohana (family)".

She has over 20 years of teaching experience and even more dance experience. 

Julianne continues to be a haumana (student) too, as learning is life long, and takes opportunities to learn from kumus (teachers), instructors and dancers. Some of her most loved dance workshops and lessons attended have been taught by Kumu Robert Uluwehi Cazimero, Kumu Frank Kawaikapuokalani Hewett, Kuana Torres Kahele, Kanoe Miller, Auntie Doll and Tunui Tully. Some of these learning opportunities have included learning hulas and traditions through present day kumu or instructors from the hula lineage of the late, Kumu Ma'iki Aiu Lake. Ma'iki was the "Mother of Hawaiian Renaissance". She believed in teaching all who wanted to learn hula regardless of their background or gender. 

Julianne also has a B.A. in Sociology, M.A. in Clinical Psychology and is a LMFT. Her other love is horses and she is a PATH Certified Instructor. 


Instructor/Akali'i (Leader) 

Eileen joined us as a dancer in 2014. She has a background in hula, Tahitian and Maori dance. She discovered Polynesian dance and gained much experience dancing with a traditional hula halau (school) in California. Her kumu danced under the direction and from the lineage of Kumu Frank Kawaikapuokalani Hewett. Originally from the east coast, she brings enthusiasm, creativity and a positive attitude to teaching and performing. She was asked to be an Akali'i (Leader) with our studio in 2016. She is a very talented dancer and teaches a variety of styles of hula as well as plays ipu and chants (oli). Additionally, Eileen is very creative with costuming, lei making and craft. ​​

Sharing aloha since 2005