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​​​Aloha! E Komo Mai! Welcome! Mahalo (thank you) for joining us and we hope you enjoy the show!!! 


1) Hoʻopuka E Ka Lā (Rise, O Sun)      
Hula style: Kahiko (ancient); Hula kaʻi (entrance chant) that brings forth the dancers. 
Composer: Traditional text
Choreography Lineage:  Taught to Eileen Randall by Kumu Sylvia Keʻalalauaʻeokalani Hambly, under the training of Kumu Frank Kawaikapuokalani Hewett
Chant and ipu heke by: Eileen Randall and Julianne Schulte
Dancers: Alice Churchill, Gretchen Gilbert, Jenna Griffith

2) Kawika
Hula Style: Kahiko (ancient)
Composer: J. Kealoha     
Choreography Lineage: Taught to Eileen Randall by Sandy Rodriguez who learned from Kumu Pekelo Day
Chant and ipu heke by: Eileen Randall and Julianne Schulte
Dancers: Alice Churchill, Gretchen Gilbert, Jenna Griffith

This mele inoa for King David Kalakaua (1836-1891) specifically, his request for financial support from the monarchs of England and France. King Kalakaua is credited with bringing hula back to the mainstream after it is was considered immoral and banned to be performed in public in 1830. Hula was almost lost and went underground for over 50 years. It was not until 1883 that Kalakaua's love of the hula resulted in the revival of the hula in public.
(Source: King's Hawaiian Melodies Copyright 1930,43)

3) Puʻuonioni
Hula Style: Hula noho (sit down hula) with ʻIliʻili (accompanied by worn river stones)  
Composer: Traditional text            
Choreography Lineage: Taught to Eileen Randall by Sandy Rodriguez who learned from Kumu Joseph Kamohaʻi Kahulelio
Dancer and chant: Eileen Randall

This hula speaks of the goddess Pele, the area she resides, and her favorite sister Hiʻiaka i ka poli o Pele; a hula performed at King David Kalākaua’s coronation (1883).

4) Green Rose Hula                         
Hula Style: Hapa Haole Hula (mixed westernized hula)   

Composer: Laida Paia/John K. Almeida 

Singer: Ku'uipo Kumukahi
Choreographer:  Julianne Schulte    Dancer: Ella Wrolstad

This hula is about the green rose and compares a beloved to the green rose. 

(Source: www.huapala.com) 

5) Ulupalakua (Breadfruit Ripened on the Back)
Hula Style: Auana (modern)    Composer: John P. Watkins (1947)     
Singer: PALI          Choreographer:  Julianne Schulte     
Dancers: Alice Churchill, Eileen Randall, Gretchen Gilbert, Jenna Griffith
Saddle up partner! Come ride with the Hawaiian paniolo (cowboys/cowgirls) at Ulupalakua Ranch. Located in up-country Maui on the southwestern slopes of Haleakala (highest point on Maui). The smell of sweet ginger flowers surround us as we take in panoramic, jaw dropping views of the emerald island and the majestic sparkling ocean below. Yeehaaaa!!!
(Source: www.huapala.com) 

6) Hanalei Moon
Hula Style: Hapa Haole Hula (mixed westernized hula)    
Composer: Bob Nelson
Singer: Dennis Pavao                       
Choreographer & Dancer: Julianne Schulte 
Hanalei is located on the luscious North shore of Kauai, known as the “Garden Island”. Envision a peaceful night with a loved one walking together along the beach while the tropical breeze blows, the warm ocean water tickles your toes and Hanalei moon glows brightly up above. 
(Source: www.huapala.com) 


7) Kaimana Hila
Hula Style: Auana     Composer: Charles E. King 
Singer: Darlene Ahuna    Dancer: Eileen Randall 

This song is relates to the adventures of a group of friends on a Hawaiian holiday. 
​(Source: King's Hawaiian Melodies Copyright 1930,43)

8) Waikaloa

Hula Style: Auana    Composer: John P. Watkins 

Singer: Aloha Pumehana Serenaders                Dancers: Alice Churchill, Gretchen Gilbert, Julianne Schulte  

Written in 1947, for Waikaloa on the island of Maui, next to Hana bay. Ka'uiki the hill overlooking

the bay, was the birthplace of Ka'ahumanu. (Source: www.huapala.com) 

9) Beyond the Reef

Hula Style: Auana                                    Composer: Jack Pitman (1948)

Singer: Hiram Olsen Trio                         Dancer: Rumi Yamasaka

A hula that became popular in the 1950s. 

10) Ke Aloha
Hula Style: Auana (modern)  
Composer: Words by Lei Collins, Music by Maddy Lam   
Singer: Natalie Ai Kamauu     Choreographer:  Robert Cazimero 
Taught by student of Kumu Robert Cazimero, Kanoe Miller to Julianne Schulte and shared with permission.
Dancers: Alice Churchill, Gretchen Gilbert, Jenna Griffith, Julianne Schulte

This song was written about love and a desire to be with one’s love, reminiscing of their alluring fragrance, fond memories and the longing to be with them again.

​(Source: www.huapala.com) 

11) Hoʻoheno a o Piʻilani
Hula Style:  Auana (modern) with uli uli and pu'ili hula implements 
Composer: Traditional 
Singer: Amy Hānaialiʻi Gilliom (album Generation Hawaiʻi, 2006)
Choreography: Sandy Rodriguez and Eileen Randall         
Dancer: Eileen Randall

A story of the sweet rose lei of Pi'ilani. 

12) Ku'u  Hoa
Hula Style: Auana                              
Composer: Francis Keali’inohopono Beamer  
Singer: Rupert Tripp Jr.   Choreographer:       Dancer: Rumi Yamasaki

The composer wrote this song for his wife after she had injured her foot and could not be with him for a week. As she rested, he wrote this song expressing his desire to return with his sweetheart to their home in the mountains of “Alewa Heights” on the island of O’ahu.
(Source: www.huapala.com)

13) Ka Uluwehi O ke Kai (Plants of the sea)
Hula Style: Auana (modern)  Composer: Edith Kanakaole  Singer: HAPA  Choreographer: Julianne Schulte & 2007 Cornell Hawaii Club 
Dancers: Alice Churchill, Gretchen Gilbert, Jenna Griffith, and Eileen Randall

There are many beautiful plants of the sea, such as lipoa and limu kohu. This hula describes the delights of the ocean. The composer, Edith Kanakaole, was also a renowned kumu hula (master teacher) and chanter. She is one of five influential women appearing on the U.S. quarter as part of the 2023 American Women Quarters Program. 
(Source: www.huapala.com) 

14) Keep Your Eyes on the Hands 

Hula Style: Hapa Haole Hula                             
Choreographer & Dancer: Julianne Schulte


15) My Little Grass Shack
Hula Style: Hapa Haole Hula  
Composer: Bill Cogswell, Tommy Harrison & Johnny Noble
Singer: Loeka Longakit   Choreographer:  Julianne Schulte      Dancer: Ella Wrolstad 
(Source: www.huapala.com)

16) Haere Mai (everything is ka pai) 

Style: Waiata-a-ringa (Maori action song); Welcoming song. 

Composer: Same Freedman (1952)    Singer: Daphne Walker and George Tumahai (album 20 Solid Gold Maori Songs, 1973)

Choreography Lineage: Taught to Eileen Randall by Sandy Rodriguez who learned this dance from Jean "Kini" Akens

Dancer: Eileen Randall, Julianne Schulte & Rumi Yamasaki 

Most likely written to welcome Queen Elizabeth II on her royal tour of 

New Zealand in 1953. 

​17) Na Waka/Nga Waka E Whitu 

Style: Waiata-a-ringa (Maori action song); Long Poi (ball dance)   Composer: Traditional, most likely Ngati Poneke Members 

Singer: Lanakila's Polynesians (album, Polynesian Pot-Pourri, 1999)   Choreography: Hula Hut     Dancer: Eileen Randall, Julianne Schulte & Rumi Yamasaki 

"A song using the mythical imagery of the mythical great fleet, sung during World War 2 to encourage all Maori to work cooperatively in the war effort,

and revived during the urban migration of the 1960s."(https://www.folksong.org.nz/hoea hoea ra/index.html) 


18) Henehene Kou Aka 

Hula Style: Auana        Composer: Andy Cummings & Webley Edwards      Singer: Amy Hanaiali'i      Choreography: Julianne Schulte

Dancers: Alice Churchill, Eileen Randall, Gretchen Gilbert, Jenna Griffith, Julianne Schulte & Rumi Yamasaki  

This song was written in the 1920's when Pono Beamer was taking his sweetheart, Louise Walker, on a new street car (trolley) line on 'Oahu between King Street and Kaka'ako. They went to town to get some local beef (pipi) stew.   Source: www.huapala.com - Leilehua Yuen as told by Kumu Nona Beamer 

19) Ka'ohanakupaokamaka  - “Kamaka”
Hula Style: Auana (modern)  Composer and Singer: Kuana Torres Kahele     
Choreographer: Taught to Julianne Schulte by Kuana Torres Kahele
Dancers: Alice Churchill, Eileen Randall, Gretchen Gilbert, Jenna Griffith, Julianne Schulte & Rumi Yamasaki
This fun, upbeat mele (song) and album was written by Kuana Torres Kahele to honor the Kamaka family legacy and to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Kamaka Ukuleles from 1916-2016. Kuana also choreographed this hula which was taught to one of our instructors at a hula workshop in 2021. 

This hula is in memory of our dear friend and talented ukulele player and teacher, Auntie Emo (Emoretta Yang). Our hula group was fortunate to dance along with Auntie Emo and the Ithaca Ukes group at several PorchFests as well as other local events. She was a lovely person and always supportive of our group. She is missed by many! 

20) Palehua
Hula Style: Auana (modern)   Composer and Singer: Amy Hanaiali'i Gilliom  
Choreographer: Julianne Schulte 
Dancers: Alice Churchill, Eileen Randall, Gretchen Gilbert, Jenna Griffith, Julianne Schulte & Rumi Yamasaki 
This year we celebrate with composer, Amy Hanaiali'i, the 25th Anniversary of "Palehua".  Julianne (choreographer) was honored to meet Amy in Wailea, Maui in August 2022 after a concert. During that memorable encounter, Amy learned that Julianne dances hula and she asked if she knew a hula to "Palehua". Regretfully, she did not and therefore, Amy insisted that she dance a hula to “Palehua” and Julianne told her she would. Palehua is a beautiful mountain and natural area on the island of O’ahu. Amy has fond memories of visiting Palehua as a child which inspired this mele (song). Cheers to 25 years of "Palehua" and to Amy for writing, singing and inspiring hula dancers around the world! Amy, this one is for you! 

Special thanks to Ithaca Farmers Market, our dancers and extended studio 'ohana!!!

"'Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten."  - Lilo & Stitch

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